Young Frankenstein – Hilariously Funny, Brilliantly Over The Top and Monstrously Good Fun!

A classic Mel Brooks black comedy, Young Frankenstein tells the story of Frederick (Hadley Fraser), the grandson of the monster creating Dr Frankenstein who inherits the Transylvanian castle after his grandfathers death. The scientist, at first determined to ignore all the stories of the monster soon gets carried away with the theory that the dead can be brought back to life. With the help of housekeeper Frau Blucher (Leslie Joseph), and assistants Igor (Ross Noble) and Inga (Summer Strallen), Frederick sets out to reanimate life, much to the horror of the villagers. Continue reading


Home away from Home: The Theatre Royal Plymouth

For a musical theatre super fan, leaving miles and miles away from London, miles away from the beautiful and wonderful West End, it is important to have somewhere to go to experience live theatre in between those trips to London. For me, this somewhere to go is the Theatre Royal Plymouth, my nearest regional theatre. And luckily for me, TRP is not only the biggest theatre in the West country but in my opinion, one of the best, pulling in some huge touring productions as well as the fact that it is becoming a hub for new theatre.

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Ten Dreams Come True: Ten Things I Will Never Forget About Half A Sixpence

I know it’s been a while now since the final curtain came down on Half A Sixpence, and I am only now writing about it, but it has taken quite a lot for me to write this. As I am hoping this blog entry will display, this show had an enormous impact on me and losing it has been very hard. Anyway, here it is.

Ten Dreams Come True: Ten Things That I Will Never Forget About Half A Sixpence.

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A Priceless Experience: Going backstage at Half A Sixpence.

MasterCard Priceless is a company that offers incredible experiences to MasterCard users, and whilst I have followed the company for a while, looking at what they had on offer, this was the first time that I have booked for an event with them. And it was an event that I simply could not miss. It took a lot of planning, including a worrying wait to see if I could get the day off of work, and it didn’t come cheap including the hotel and the train, but it was so incredibly worth it. Because with this event, I was able to go back stage at my favourite ever show… Half A Sixpence.

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When the Play Goes Wrong, the comedy is oh so right!

Since opening at London's Duchess Theatre in 2014, Mischief Theatre's The Play That Goes Wrong has gone from strength to strength in the West End, quickly becoming one of the most popular on stage comedies in recent years. The show has gone on to receive a number of awards, including the Olivier and What's on Stage awards for best new comedy and the Broadway World Award for best new play. It has also recently made the big move to Broadway. With the main idea of the show being a play inside a play as the audience is invited to enjoy a performance by the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, the comedy only grows and grows as more begins to go horribly wrong for the cast and crew of 'Murder at Havisham Manor'. Continue reading

School Of Rock – The adults create the story, but it is the kids who steal the show

If there was one way that Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber could really show off his belief that music and that learning to play a musical instrument can be life changing for children, it is by making a musical of the 2003 hit movie ‘The School Of Rock’. In the movie, the children of Horace Green are given rock instruments by a stand in teacher and suddenly discover all of this talent and potential that they may not have realised they had before. Playing their instruments gives them the confidence to be who they really are and stand up to their pushy parents. The whole idea that music as a whole can have a huge impact on children’s lives is brought to life by the cast of children playing their rock instruments live on stage every performance.

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