The Commitments – Full of soul and funny moments

Having first seen The Commitments during it’s smash hit London run, I was excited to be going back to the show during it’s UK Tour when it came roaring into the Theatre Royal Plymouth, and the return visit did not disappoint. It’s full of energy, laughter and a whole lot of soul. Some may call it a jukebox musical, and some sticklers may insist that it is not a musical but instead a play with song, but either way, it’s a fun filled couple of hours full of soul that will get you up and dancing during the hit filled finale.

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Is it comic? Is it Tragic? There’s a special kind of magic in the joy that this piece of theatre brings!

Now, before you say anything, I know that I have reviewed Half A Sixpence at the Noel Coward Theatre before. But I have seen it again and theatre is always changing. You can never see the same show twice, even if it is the exact same show with the exact same cast. You notice different things, interpret things differently, no matter what you are guaranteed to never see the same show twice.

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Mamma Mia – Brilliantly Funny, Frivolous and Full of Fun

Now, this wasn’t my first trip to see Mamma Mia. Having seen the show twice in London, I was excited to see what the show was like on tour. And there it was, non-stop fun from the brilliant opening safety message (for platform boots and white lycra could spell trouble for those with a nervous disposition) to the finale in which you see the Dynamos and the dads decked out in all their frilly colourful glory. Continue reading

Behaviour in the Theatre -Phones, eating and moving around.

Behaviour in the theatre has always been an interesting and sometimes difficult subject to touch upon, but since my last trip to London, I just know that it is something that I need to talk about. I have been to a lot of shows, but I have never seen behaviour like this before. Call me a theatre snob all you want, but I would happily take that title if it meant that people respected the theatre, the show and most importantly the performers, and knew how to behave when seeing a show. Continue reading

My Top Five Shows of 2016

I think we can all agree that 2016 wasn’t a great year, in terms of the bigger picture. The world lost a lot of amazing people and politics didn’t exactly go the way we all wanted it too. Nevertheless, for me and my love for all things Musical Theatre, 2016 turned out to be a pretty good year with a record number of theatre trips for me. I saw nineteen different shows, and even visited a couple of them twice. On the other hand, that did make this list a difficult one to make. To narrow nineteen down to five wasn’t easy, but here it is, my top five shows of 2016. Continue reading