Messing about on the river bank – A couple of hours of pure fun

At some point in our childhoods, I am sure that many of us have stumbled across the story of Ratty, Moley, the uncontrollable Mr Toad and their adventures on the riverbank. A classic tale of friendship full of heart and throwbacks to simpler times as the woodland creatures unite against the wicked wild wooders, lead by the dastardly Chief Weasel, all whilst trying to control Toad and his obsession with speed and the newest invention.

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Unfolding Tales – New Musical coming to the Stockwell Playhouse

Everyone knows of the novels of renowned author J.R.R Tolkien, but does anyone really know his story? The journey to become a celebrated figure was not an easy one, full of heartbreak, grief and the torment of war. Despite his difficult life, Tolkien was a man full of dreams. With his friends he wanted to make the world a better place with his stories, but it would appear that the world had different ideas, tearing him away from his love and his friends and into war. Yet, in the depths of disaster Tolkien’s imagination proved powerful enough to allow him to see other worlds away from the war, and he began to become the writer we all thought we knew.

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