Behaviour in the Theatre -Phones, eating and moving around.

Behaviour in the theatre has always been an interesting and sometimes difficult subject to touch upon, but since my last trip to London, I just know that it is something that I need to talk about. I have been to a lot of shows, but I have never seen behaviour like this before. Call me a theatre snob all you want, but I would happily take that title if it meant that people respected the theatre, the show and most importantly the performers, and knew how to behave when seeing a show. Continue reading


My Top Five Shows of 2016

I think we can all agree that 2016 wasn’t a great year, in terms of the bigger picture. The world lost a lot of amazing people and politics didn’t exactly go the way we all wanted it too. Nevertheless, for me and my love for all things Musical Theatre, 2016 turned out to be a pretty good year with a record number of theatre trips for me. I saw nineteen different shows, and even visited a couple of them twice. On the other hand, that did make this list a difficult one to make. To narrow nineteen down to five wasn’t easy, but here it is, my top five shows of 2016. Continue reading

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves -Flamboyant, Full of Energy and Funny

The pantomime is a Christmas tradition, and every year they seem to get bigger and bigger. In a way, the classic pantomime has become a back drop for a competition between the theatres. Who can pull in the bigger names to take on the staring roles? Who can have the grandest and most over the top costumes and special effects. And with the pantomime making it’s seemingly much awaited return to the London Palladium (the grand old home of the English Panto) this year, it seems that everyone wants in on the act, whether the theatre is large or small. Continue reading

The Bodyguard -An alright plot, saved by Beverley Knight

Just over two years since The Bodyguard closed at The Strand’s Adelphi Theatre, the hit filled thriller returned to London, taking up residence in the huge Dominion Theatre with soul singing superstar Beverley Knight at the helm. I must admit that it was the casting of Beverley Knight that drew me into seeing the show. Of course I wouldn’t have been too disappointed to see an understudy but I was looking forward to seeing her again since last seeing her perform last year in Memphis The Musical. Continue reading