That time I became press 

Before now, writing reviews of the shows I have seen has been a hobby for me, being able to put my thoughts into words on the screen. If people read and enjoyed them, that was a bonus. Whilst this is still the case, I have now had the chance to see a review of mine published on a professional platform. 

With The Wind in the Willows having it’s world premiere at the Theatre Royal Plymouth, the largest regional theatre closest to my home, I was given the opportunity to attend the press night and to write a review for Musical Theatre Review, the website full of reviews, interviews and other articles revolving around all things musical theatre

It was an entirely new experience for me. Heading into the theatre not knowing where I would be sitting, collecting my tickets from the press desk and being treated to drinks during the interval. Nevertheless, I was nervous. This was the first time that my work would be seen on a professional level, published on a popular established website rather then my simple little blog. I wanted it to be good enough.

I took my little notebook, and scribbled down notes during the interval. I wanted to get the information down whilst it was all fresh in my mind, before my opinions got swept away in the fun in the show. Staying on this topic, I did stay up into the early hours to get my review written whilst everything was fresh. Admittedly, I did add a little bit in the morning once I had slept on it.

It was interesting to read the other reviews as it was the first time I could understand them on the same level, reading some one else’s opinions on the same show on the same night.

Of course, there were other highlights of the night. The main one, of course, was the show itself. I won’t say too much here because you can read about my opinions in my actual review. Another highlight for me was meeting Fra Fee. That’s two of the movie Barricade boys I’ve met now.

Here is my review of Wind in the Willows on October 19th at the Theatre Royal Plymouth.


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