Phantom of the Opera -It’s a spectacle, but not a perfect one 

People always told me that if I really loved musicals, I had to see Phantom of the Opera but I must admit that I have never felt that it was my sort of thing. But I found myself with a free evening and thought that I would give it a go. With a good deal from TKTS, I arrived at the Her Majesty’s theatre knowing that I was going to see a spectacle. I had seen snippets here and there, from televised performances to West End Live so I had an idea of what to expect. Continue reading


Micheal Ball and Alfie Boe – Together 

Two musical theatre greats on one stage. Two spectacular voices merging in some of the greatest songs in the genre along with some surprising numbers that you wouldn’t automatically associate with them. Micheal Ball and Alfie Boe together at the Plymouth Pavilions was a great night out for any musical theatre fan. An arena show full of style and incredible vocals, with each number linked with plenty of laughs and ‘banter’ between the two performers. Continue reading