West End Live 2016 – Day One 

Everyone knows that there are plenty of festivals for more mainstream music, but were you aware that there is a festival for show tunes? Well there is. Once a year, London’s Trafalgar Square heaves with musical theatre fans, dancing and singing along with their favourite musicals. West End Live is an event that brings the vast majority of London’s musicals together as each show is given a slot to perform numbers from their shows. With performances from some of London’s biggest shows such as Les Miserables and Wicked, along with performances from musical theatre stars, it’s no surprise that West End Live is so popular and is considered one of the biggest London events of the year. Continue reading


Stagey things to do in London without entering a theatre 

With a square mile called theatreland and home to some of the greatest shows in the world, it’s no surprise that London is flooded with theatre fans wanting to get their stagey fill of the city. Yet, whilst I love going into the theatres, finding my seat and enjoying a brilliant West End Show, I have found that there are plenty of stagey things to fill your days (before going to an evening show of course) that don’t have to involve actually going into a theatre.  Continue reading

Matilda The Musical – Clever, Intricate and revoltingly good fun 

Is there anyone who would to not having loved Roald Dahl stories when they were little? Who didn’t love being transported to worlds full of magic and nonsense where it appeared that children could be in charge and do anything they wanted? Two of Roald Dahl’s wonderful stories have made the leap from the page to the West End stage as big musical hits; Charlie and the chocolate factory and, of course, Matilda.  Continue reading