Meet The Blogger

I have been writing as long as I can really remember, silly stories mostly, but a few years ago I decided that I should combine my love for writing with my passion for musical theatre. So, here we are. Musical Theatre Lives In Me is where I lay all of my thoughts out bare for all to see.

The blog name itself comes from on my favourite musical songs, Memphis lives in me, from Memphis. The song features the line ‘Like a sad old melody, tears you up but sets you free’, and that really stood out to me. Whatever the musical, be it a happy one or a sad one full of sad songs, it sets me free for those couple of hours. Free of everything in the real world and free of any concerns. That is the magic of the theatre.

This blog started as something purely for reviews, but recently I have started writing a lot more opinion pieces and features. So, whether you want to see reviews, or anything theatre, you will find it all here.